Day 14 of COVID-19 Battle Plan

Wondering about the SBA Loans, like the EIDL or PPP? Me too!

If you are like me and anxious to apply for your Payroll Protection Program Loan from the Small Business Administration, below are some links that the National Association of Realtors sent us. I am still confused by some aspects of this and have an email into my CPA for guidance. I use Fifth Third as my bank and they, like many others, are not yet ready to accept applications. I am worried that the money will dry up before I get my application in. This loan means that I will be able to restore my employees back to full employment. That is a HUGE deal for me and them! Below are links for more information that I hope you will find helpful. The guides are applicable to any independent contractor or small business.

If like the guy above, working in your home office is driving you B-O-N-K-E-R-S, here are some Working at Home Tips from a ADHD Queen. AND, IF it works for me, IT WILL work for Anyone! 

So if you are like me, you will be filling in the applications for these programs from your home office.

I am accustomed to working from home and have done so for many years. I do not find it a hardship. Although, I do miss terribly the interaction with my co-workers. Here are my best practices to happily working at home:

  1. Time block! I do it in 1/2 hour intervals.  Alexa reminds me when that block is over. I also keep track of what I actually did versus what I was scheduled to do.
  2. PRIORITIZE: For me, money-making actions have never been so important. I have people depending upon me for wages and no vacation rental income coming in! Do your ‘MUST DO’ items first.
  3. Do not graze all day! Just because the fridge is there is no reason to open the door and stare temptation in the face. This is vital to me, as I hate myself when I overeat!
  4. Reward yourself with breaks at defined times. Then, it is ok to open the fridge. I, for example, have a planned coffee and lo-carb cookie break every afternoon.
  5. Pick a quiet space. If you are lucky enough to have a designated spot, terrific. If not, you will have to make the other household members respect your need to work.
  6. Make sure you have a comfortable work space, or you may wind up like this poor sod in the video above!
  7. And if you are responsible for homeschooling your kiddos and working at home, I just want to say “Thank You”, “Bless You,” and if you need someone to do a liquor run for you, I hear Norman’s will deliver!   



Day 9 of the COVID-19 Battle Plan

I know that many of you, like me, are clamoring for answers regarding the Stimulus Package. As Realtors and small business owners, this is difficult for us. We are, of course, not alone. This is hard for everyone! The resources I am sharing with you ARE NOT just for Realtors and Brokers. Our NextHome Corporate Leaders spent the weekend digesting all 800+ pages of the Stimulus Package. Pretty dry reading, no doubt. They are NOT CPAs or Tax Accountants. They are caring business people; and, as such, have provided us with much needed information for US to then seek out guidance from our CPAs. It is important to have a basis of knowledge AND to know what questions to ask. After this webinar, I called my CPA and had a conversation. I sent them my Accountant copy of my 2019 Quickbooks to begin our 2019 tax filing. I also called my bank to make my appointment to make my application for my PPP SBA Loan. If you do not know what the heck that means, YOU REALLY NEED to watch this webinar. FYI: It’s  Paycheck Payroll Protection Program. Not sure why it isn’t therefore the PPPP Loan. But, hey it is the government and not meant to be easily understood! LOL! Seriously, I am grateful for this loan. It means my team stay together and will manage to see this through. I am sharing this information with you because We Are In This Together! We will find good health through cooperation, as well as redeem financial security.

Here are the links:

If you LOVE how quickly that NextHome provided much needed answers and wish your franchise had done the same for you, call me! We are looking for experienced agents that are ready for a change to a fresh, young, tech savvy, caring company. NextHome is the “Google” of real estate. They are NOT JUST cutting edge on technology. They are a company with heart. Our corporate culture is epitomized with this slogan, made well before this crisis: #HumansOverHouses