Here it comes!

Hurricane Irma Countdown

Twelve Hours and Counting!

Having lived in Tampa Bay for most of my life, I am still incredulous that we are expecting a direct hit of this monster storm! 1921 was the last time we suffered a direct hit and not even my mother was born then! I guess I need to realize that we have been lucky thus far; versus unlucky now! Let me recap for you: Irma will hit St. Pete Beach and surrounding areas around 2am tomorrow/Monday morning. It will be about ten minutes after high tide on a 3/4 full moon. PERFECT! Storm surge is expected to be 5-8 ft, last I checked. What does that mean? For me, my home is in a high rise condo and we have evacuated to Lutz, which is 25 miles inland and at an elevation of 73′. For the cars I left behind along with all of the other stuff in the garages, adios. Hopefully my impact-resistant windows do their job and the damage to our home is minimal. If not, that is what insurance is for. Others whose homes were built before the codes changed to require all living area be well above base flood plain; if you do not have flood insurance, you will likely suffer a catastrophic loss – financially. Not to minimize the importance of this; but, what I care about is my 3-yr old grandson, son and daughter-in-law still in St. Petersburg in a non-evacuation zone. They just got new impact-resistant windows, thankfully. But they live surrounded by enormous oaks. They were not ordered to evacuate and they have done everything right. But are they safe? My God, I do not know.

Thank you to those who have called, emailed, texted and FB Messaged their concern. It means a great deal. It is so comforting to feel your support. We at NextHome Beach Time Realty have received messages from past guests; Owners of properties we manage; and past clients. Here is one example:


I hope and pray that you and your family as well as your coworkers will be safe through all of this bad weather.

Will keep all of you in your prayers. My son and is family evacuated on Thursday from Palm Bay.

Be Safe!

Velma Dominguez-Ramirez

Be safe. Keep your perspective focused on what matters. Bricks and mortar can be rebuilt. Life is far more precious and fleeting. Keep Florida in your thoughts. If you are a praying person, pray for us.

From Tampa Bay,

Annie Fleeting

James, Moriah and Bo

Here it comes!
Here it comes!