Day 15 COVID-19 Battle Plan

Dear Friends,

Real Estate Services are regarded as being essential. I have not personally heard any grumblings about this. However, I have heard of other Realtors getting flack. I think that this is primarily due to a lack of understanding and thought. The people that are selling their homes, typically have a VERY good reason. They don’t usually wake up and on a whim say, “You know what? Let’s just sell this house!” Buying a house can be a more whimsical notion. But, not many people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a whim. (Regrettably! ;o) On the other hand, let’s face it, some people DO wake up and say, let’s look at some houses today! If you are messing around on Zillow and asking to see houses right now with no intention of purchasing, shame on you! Inherently there is a risk in our job when showing property to strangers. However right now EVERY TIME we leave the house to take someone out, we are taking a chance! Indeed in my office, we have Buyers sign a disclaimer that they are asymptomatic and that they have not travelled in the last two weeks. It is a scary time! But, we are still serving our clients.

In addition to putting food on our tables, WHY we still show houses right now is very eloquently expressed in these excerpts from a post that a friend sent me this week:

“A message to my NON REALTOR friends:

Based on what you see on TV, you may believe Realtors are concerned because they can’t sell homes or hold open houses. The Federal Government labeled residential real estate “essential” last week, & let me explain why…. it’s not about “sales”. In reality, our government & the real estate industry are much more concerned about people with these sorts of challenges:

The 80-year-old couple who just moved into a small condo to cut expenses and put their 4-bedroom colonial up for sale. They lost most of their life savings this month in the stock market crash. They must now sell their previous house immediately because they need the proceeds of that sale to sustain them financially.

A couple with an infant daughter who has special long-term medical needs. They must move closer to the hospital that specializes in the type of procedure required to heal their little one. They need to move now.

A woman and her two small kids who has been in an abusive relationship and finally had the courage to say enough is enough! Her priority is to get her kids to a safe home, she needs to move now.

TV concentrates on the glitz & glamour of our profession. In reality, Realtors serve many people through some extraordinarily difficult times. Death, divorce, sickness, job loss-an endless list.

–            Credit is given to an unknown, but much appreciated author!

I am glad to say that I have not experienced all of the above in my career. But, I have helped divorced/divorcing couples sell the marital home, where one party is sheltering elsewhere and struggling to make ends meet. I have helped others, for example, with a spouse suffering from dementia/Alzheimers who are needing a more controlled environment. I have assisted many during times of financial difficulty where a sale was an absolute necessity, sometimes due to medical bills, sometimes stock market losses…. 2007/8 and beyond was one sad story after the other. Happily, MOST of my job occurs within a happy forum where we are making dreams come true, and not helping people through nightmares.

To all my Realtor pals out there, I have a great form that a friend shared with me to help protect you and discourage ‘lookey-loos.’ I would be delighted to email you a copy. Just leave a message on the blog page. In the meantime: