Day 10 of COVID-19 Battle Plan

Who’s got your back? 

Life today is about making good choices and thinking of others. Everyday I call at least five people to ask them how they are. Low and behold this afternoon Imran Poladi, the Vice President of NextHome, had me on his list of people to call for a similar chat. He just wanted to know how we were doing here in Florida and whether or not there was anything he and NextHome could do for me and my family, including our family of agents. I was so touched! This is a busy and important man! But you know what? He is also a caring friend. I truly love my franchise and the reason isn’t just the technology and cool marketing. It is the leadership and the culture. I am so glad to be a ‘NextHomie,’ especially in today’s uncertain times. It is nice to know you have good people at your back!

Today I physically showed property for the first time in 10 days! The new reality was an eye-opener. Before entering the occupied home, I contacted the Seller and apologized but reconfirmed with him for both liability AND humanity’s sake, the following:

  1. He had not been on a plane or travelled in the last 14 days.
  2. He did not have a fever, cough, runny nose or feel ill.
  3. He knew of no reason why it would be unsafe for people to enter his home.

Happily he was fine and we went ahead with the showing. I had gloves on. He had, as requested, turned on the lights and left doors open. He went the extra mile and had Lysol wipes out. (I had brought my own as well, as had the Buyers and their agent!) He greeted all of us at the door and asked that we please touch nothing. Everyone assured him that we would not. Standing well back, I let them enter the house.  I waited outside.  This Cheeky Beach Bungalow is a 2/2 on 60′ of sailboat water. However at 1,335 a/c sq ft, I wanted to be certain that the Buyers had all the space that they needed!  They looked about, while touching nothing, as requested. They quickly made their way to the waterfront, where they spent a bit of time. I suspect they were imagining this lifestyle and what they would do with the home. Afterward, they and their agent stood outside of their separate cars and chatted for maybe 15 minutes, while I shot the video above.  It was all a little surreal. What mattered most to me was that I felt everyone had been safe, including my Seller.

We are still selling and listing homes, albeit in a ‘newish’ fashion! (I thought my purple gloves really accented my outfit, fyi!) And unless they submit an offer, this GREAT 2/2 block home will still be available to become your beach house! Or, perhaps you know a devoted boater looking for a beach pad with room for their water toys! If so, here is a link to the website for the listing: https://client.nexthome.imprev.net/61/2161/59855272/index.html