Day 5 of the COVID-19 Battle Plan

GOOD EVENING! Before any other nonsense, below is a link to a webinar tomorrow regarding the future of real estate given by James Dwiggins, CEO of NextHome and a helluva great guy. James is joined by the always affable and entertaining Keith Robinson.

Join us for this informative webinar, open to the public, as we dive deep into how COVID-19 has impacted the residential real estate industry already and how we predict it will continue to change the way we buy and sell homes. We will also discuss how coronavirus has and will continue to affect our economy here in the US. Speakers: James Dwiggins, Chief Executive Officer, NextHome, Inc. Keith Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer, NextHome, Inc. Here is the link:

Most of my today was spent trying to figure out what this stimulus package means for the future of my business. If anyone understands it, I would really appreciate an education. Since I clearly would qualify as a small business, it appears that I would be rewarded for retaining my employees with a loan that would basically become a grant. This would amount to 8 weeks of payroll costs, utilities and rent. Eight weeks is better than nothing; but, still a drop in the bucket. Eight weeks is only long if you are waiting to see if you are pregnant. (I am aging myself here!) I hope eight weeks is all it takes for the virus to be in our rear-view mirror. But, unless everyone starts being responsible, including our leaders, that WILL NOT happen.

I would love to have your thoughts and advice. What are you doing to get through this? I genuinely believe that we are not alone. The answer to this virus will be found through cooperation and trust. Our futures together will be similarly forged!  We do NOT operate in a vacuum!

As to me: I am about to escape! Elvis is leaving the building! Armed with Lysol wipes, gloves and a mask, I am finally off to Publix for a few necessities for us and my 91-yr old mother and caregiver. FYI: I am also wearing clothes! One good thing: the ‘5:00 Somewhere’ mentality will have to wait until at least 6:30 tonight!