Day 4 of the Covid-19 Battle Plan

This is pretty much just a personal rant that I hope you will find amusing, for which I apologize not at all! It is meant to be a diversion from “OH MY GAWD!” Anyhoo…

First of all, I saw a Facebook Post yesterday that resonated with me:


I am always panicking over weight gain. However, I am not really more worried than usual because THANKFULLY, I am not a stress eater. However, for those who know me, you know I love my clothes and do not leave the house unless I am suitably dressed and wearing makeup.  I want to give a shout out to Judy Ann Wagner for inspiring me to not look like I was dragged through a hedge backward all day!  She inspired me to dress up, put on makeup and ‘be me!” That was an immediate attitude adjustment that made me feel better. Pretty sure my husband felt better too as he perhaps worried about the new hermit look! Bonus: It also made me feel comfortable enough to do my first video blog post. As you see, I am back to the written word….Yeah, that’s a different story. Bottom line, this morning I wore work-out clothes and SWORE on all things holy that I would get on that damned Bow-Flex stepper/elliptical torture chamber. And again for those of you that know me, you know I swear about a lot of things!

Anyhoo… Second of ALL:


My incredibly awesome, stud-muffin of a husband shook it up by serving me breakfast on our balcony Tuesday. It was a lovely morning and an instant attitude adjustment. So, I suggest you pick a new location to dine a la carte, if possible. Maybe choose to walk the beach for your daily exercise if you, like us are under a ‘Stay at Home Order.’ Stop to have a picnic, all the while practicing social distancing. An interesting aside from the Breakfast at the Balcony was my seeing the four cruise ships on the horizon. Three of them are Celebrity Cruises. Now normally, when I see a cruise ship leave the channel and head out, I think, “I wish I was on a cruise!” Yeah…. Not so much. Seismic change!

Third and final:

I am being SUPER PRODUCTIVE. I am tackling mountains and reaping psychological rewards in terms of feeling accomplished at a time when I am able to control so very little. I encourage all of you to set some goals each day and then tackle them. My hubby is doing the same. His ‘Honey-Do’ list is done. He is inventing his own now. I would mention that the floor cleaner I bought and he said we would NEVER use, is now charging. My windows are clean as a whistle. Down-side is he took everything OUT of my closet that wasn’t hung up and left it in the bathroom for my attention. Major bummer. Just goes to show that you reap what you sow.

Here is a PROJECT for the terminally bored:  Also, because what is a shut-in without a DIY project? AND here is another TIP: You make the cleaner. That will be your job! Then gift it to your “Honey Do!” Make a few extras and give a shout out to neighbors as part of your #BeKind

Make Your Own Natural Cleaners:

And finally…

It’s not just Five O’clock Somewhere…It’s after 5:00 RIGHT HERE!  So, as I am writing this nonsense, I ask my husband to bring me please a glass of wine and one of my orange things. I meant my LaCroix sparkling orange water. This is what I got instead:

Wine glass orange thing


(Jolly joker! FYI: He had the can of LaCroix in his pocket at the ready.)

Have a great evening and remember: #BeSafe #BeSmart #BeKind #HumansOverHouses