Day Two of the COVID19 Battle Plan – In Retrospect

Bronze Medal Winner in the Category of Best Toilet Paper Meme
Bronze Medal Winner in the Category of Best Toilet Paper Meme

First of all, I have to get this off of my chest: Whomever began the raid on toilet paper should be restricted to a ‘particular ring’ of hell where they eternally have the runs and only coarse sandpaper available to them! This would be a fitting punishment. What caused this run on toilet paper? Someone said it was a Charmin executive. (I like that one!) Someone else told me it started in Australia because much of their supply comes from China. What we know for sure is panic buying begets more panic buying. Soon, what is only a perceived scarcity becomes a real scarcity. Wait! That gives me an idea! …. I have a new business plan:

Hey, QUICK buy a house from me! There is a real scarcity on the Florida Beaches! It could be your last chance. Honestly, everyone is buying them like hotcakes!!!! There are almost no condos left!

Maybe I can put sold signs every 20 yards up and down Gulf Blvd! LOL! (If only there weren’t sign ordinances!)

Back to reality: Here are more of my favorite funnies about the TP Dilemma:

Second Favorite TP Meme:


And…The Winner Is:

#1: (Which I saw on FB, but could not find again. ;o( So, I re-created)
FYI: I saw this on FB, but could not find again.  So, I re-created it!

Now that I am done ranting, back to yesterday, since this is a daily retrospective: I normally LOVE Sundays! I lay in bed late and Bobby serves me my breakfast on a tray, while I read a book or watch a program. (Yes, I am spoiled!) I started watching The Crown a few weeks back. This Sunday I made the mistake of watching the CBS News from Boston, since their NYC headquarters is closed. That is NOT a good way to begin the day. I am pretty sure it is why I found it hard to get motivated. No offense to them. I find that they endeavor to show ‘good news’ anecdotes as well. There just aren’t enough of them. Time to make some of my own then!

Saturday I sent out a COVID-19 Local Update to all of my Owners at a lovely 58-unit condominium resort I manage. Sunrise Resort is normally 100% full all season. We are down to less than 50% occupancy, which is still better than the hotels. Our glorious old dame, The Don CeSar Resort, is almost empty. It will surely close for business this week, as I suspect will many of the hotels. On Sunday, we instituted wellness checkups for our clients. It is not unusual to call people and say, “Hi, how are you and your family doing?” However, I never thought I would be calling people to ask if they needed toilet paper! For some of my older clients, I am asking if they need food. In Switzerland, if you are over 65, you are not to go outside. The UK are talking about implementing the same program. Italy has just announced that ventilators will not go to people 60 and over! That is a SHOCKING reality and the harsh consequence of a failure to take the virus and the need to social distance seriously.  So, PLEASE be kind to one another. Offer to do an older neighbor’s shopping. It is dangerous for them to venture out these days! It does not take much to help others and you will find that in so doing, it will feed your soul! I managed to score some chicken yesterday at Publix! I had enough to share and share I have.

I leave you with this thought: Wouldn’t it be lovely if one of your memories from this time is a random act of kindness that you performed, even if it’s just giving away toilet paper to someone in need!

Be Smart! Be Safe! Together We Will Overcome!